The In-between

I say goodbye to Ashland tomorrow morning and depart for the coast! I have one last time to make sure things are settled and organized in my storage unit. The rest of my things get packed into my Camry and then that’s that. This is one of the times where a bit of OCD kicks in and I become nutty about whether I’m remembering everything that I need from here… triple checking my pack, running around the house collecting miscellaneous items, tending to computer-related tasks before I pack that away as well. But good thing that I have these trusty guides and reference books! ๐Ÿ˜‰ They have been helpful in organizing all of my random thought processes.


Thank you to Ellen for gifting theย Europe on a Shoestring book from Lonely Planet so many years ago when I was really first getting inspired to travel abroad. She was the first person to offer that push, it made me uncomfortable yet excited to know that she had such confidence in my ideas and is a huge part of why I became serious about making it a reality.

Thank you to Emily for the awesome Travel Organizer (again, years ago). I have not thought my trips to be worthy of this tool, until now, and I am so happy to have it. It feeds my need for categorizing everything. The packing list is extremely helpful and there’s a bit of humor incorporated with the text. If you are familiar with the brand Knock Knock… you get it. Brilliant tools and accessories. I have compulsively checked to make sure that my passport is still there nearly every day now. Phew…

And thank you Dad for the detailed guides for England and Ireland. I have learned a lot reading through these and they’re very thorough and are helping me become pre-acquainted with these places. Continually inspiring with endless suggestions on things to do and stops to make. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this is it for a little bit friends! I wanted to give an update about what is going on as I prepare to leave tomorrow. After this week is up I’ll be on my way to see my family around Seattle. Then I’ll have a week and will provide some more detailed information about the approaching trans-Atlantic adventures!

Ready or not… here I go!


Controlled Chaos


And so it begins!

As per usual, I have waited until the last-minute to organize my pack. I’ve been thinking about it for months though… so that’s what counts. Right? Along with getting all of my belongings organized in my storage unit and preparing to move I don’t seem to ever have enough time for everything.

I will admit that round one of test-packing has been somewhat discouraging. I’ve had this fantasy of skipping off to Europe with my 40 liter pack, an extra pair of shoes strapped to the back and my camera strapped across my front. Doable… if it were July and all I had to worry about was a single layer of clothing and a rain-shell. Sooooo… all I have encountered on other blogs about traveling Europe in the winter have factored in the luxury of rolling suitcases and a rental car. Knowing that most of these travelers were not planning on working outside or relying solely on public transportation methods, I have had some moments of doubt about my gear and general preparedness. I won’t be taking more than my backpack and a smaller carry-on sized bag to double as my casual daytime tote. I think I’ve got a handle on the important things though…

  • Boots…. Uhm, yeah, I mean it’s the UK in February. But what a drag to haul my Xtratuf rain boots that whole way… OK, I’ll just wait and get Wellies there then… “but you’re not actually going to sport those things around museums and evenings out are you?” Hmm… yeah, maybe not. Ok well now I’ve got to figure out a second pair of boots… later then. Next!
  • Jacket/Coat- It’s going to be cold, rainy and probably really windy!! Parka! Hmm… no, maybe excessive, but how about a nice waxed canvas jacket… Welllll I mean it’s not reaaalllly going to be much colder than here in the Northwest. I’ll just layer. A fleece and my waterproof shell. Yeah. That sounds good enough. But still… inside nice places?? Uhh.. I’ll deal with that when it comes up.
  • Warm Accessories- that’s all I’ve been knitting for the last three months. Done!

OK so there are still a few kinks to work out… details, details… and as I have been reminded several times already, they actually have stores there, where I can get anything I need or desire! (Imagine that…) A lesson in patience and trust. It will all work out for sure! Breath now Jaida…

One week remaining in Southern Oregon and in less than three weeks I’ll be posting from London. Whaaaaat!! Time flies doesn’t it…