This site is in the first phase of production. My intent is to keep the blog updated regularly while I travel, both internationally and within the United States. The main focus will be to gather information on the process and history of fiber production; from its  farm origins to finished craft-ready products. Although I will be compiling photos, stories/interviews, videos and facts about this hobby of mine, I also hope to fill the blog with every other travel-related experience that manifests. There will be many fascinating historical and societal investigations to report on, not to mention all of the breathtaking vistas to appreciate. I look forward to sharing all that I learn with you! I would love to receive feedback and suggestions throughout the process from anyone who is interested in being a part of this. I will continue to keep this updated as I develop specific plans. Thank you for your enthusiasm, wonder and encouragement.


If you are looking for a way to support the project financially you can follow the link here to my GoFundMe campaign site, a portion of the funds will go towards tech-support costs to keep this site operating at full potential!  

GoFundMe- Travels to Promote the Fiber Arts


And for additional insight to the beautiful world of fiber check out these helpful websites! Projects, yarn companies and festivals…

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

baa ram ewe

Campaign for Wool

Flax and Hemp Project

Knockando Woolmill Trust



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