London. Part Two.

The second day out in London provided even more walking opportunities. I had stayed at the hostel for two nights and had the chance to stay at my friend’s flat in Surrey the next evening. So I gathered everything again and set out. I hopped off the bus at Queensway on the Northern border of Kensington Gardens with the intention of hiring a bike from the stall near the entrance. I must have done something to my right foot the day before because it’s been annoying me ever since and that particular day seemed perfect for a bike ride. The bike never happened however, because I wasn’t the only one with the idea and there were none available.

Instead I walked with my full pack, winding around the park, gazing at the palace and ponds, wondering how gorgeous it would look in the summer. I saw The Albert Memorial which is located just opposite the Royal Albert Hall (both architecturally impressive sites). I found the Peter Pan statue I wanted to see, and hung there was a flower wreath memorialising the passing of a young one. Couldn’t help but get teary eyed with that one… An unexpected emotional walk through the park. Also I noticed an injured pigeon standing in the water and I couldn’t help it and I really felt like I let the poor guy down.

So, a bit sad,  I continued my route around the Italian Gardens, crossed a section of Hyde Park and emerged from the bare Rose Garden to the city streets. Notable Hyde Park features included the horse track (designated dirt pathway) running all around the park and the various memorials and statues. The next place for me to see was Buckingham Palace, which was about a ten minute walk via Wellington Arch and war memorial areas. The weather had made a rapid turn for the worse about five minutes before this so I did a sort of scurry around the palace area, snapped a few obligatory photos and moved on.

I met my trusty guide and dear friend at a nearby tube station only to learn that we were walking another 45 minutes to our train. Haha! What’s another two miles at this rate… ; ) We did get there. And she showed me the MI6 building which is pretty awesome. So a slightly eventful ride to the suburbs and then quality downtime with a couch, home cooked food and my amazing friend. A great hot shower really sealed the deal.

Another day for the books and a deserved night of sleep. After two days of exploring, I felt pretty confident with getting around… so we spent the next day not in the city. It was fantastic, and you can read about that coming soon!


3 thoughts on “London. Part Two.

  1. I remember being in the best shape ever after my trip to England. The very first day we went from plane to train to walking 2 miles with all our luggage to get to the B&B we had booked. Hope you have good shoes!
    The public transportation is so easy to use there though. Hope you are having fun!

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