London. Part One.

The first day after arrival I hopped on the bus to Piccadilly Circus and scooted past the other tourists gathering around the monument to make my way towards other points if interest. I strolled through St. James’s Park, admired the variety of birds taking a swim in the lake, the daffodils blooming, and the views of the city from this little green space.

I took a route across the yard at the Horse Guards Parade and caught the changing of the guards just in time. A walk south took me past 10 Downing St (Prime Minister lives here) and Westminster Palace with Big Ben. This is where I discovered some lovely quiet streets between beautiful buildings for my rest. The way back gave me time with Westminster Abbey (and a hot tea), a beautiful sunset,  and my brief look at The National Gallery. A bit of shop discovery around Piccadilly and then I was on the return to my hostel, a thirty minute trip.

Actually seeing the buildings really gave me the feel of London that I had been looking for. Though road barriers,  police sirens and dirty sidewalks surround them, I couldn’t help but hear some arrangement of horns trumpeting a welcome for me.  ; ) Yes… once a romantic, always a romantic. No grafitti’s gonna get me down!

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